Multimedia & Web-Designing

This course is designed so that those people who have no knowledge of computer they can create their own web design. Now a days creating Responsive Web-sites which are optimized for Desktops, Tabs and Mobiles is very significant. Web Master Course is an enhanced, unique & elite web designing and development course since this course is covering scrupulous Web Designing, UI Development, Flash Designing, Responsive Web Designing, E-commerce web development, and Digital Marketing (search engine marketing- SEO) very well.

Module – I (ComputerBasic)

  • Computer Basic
  • Using scanner, webcam, printer.
  • Pen-drive, System tools, accessories, etc
  • Ms-Office
    • Word & Excel
    • PowerPoint & MS Access
  • Internet & Email

Module – II (Graphic Designing(DTP)

  • Corel Draw
    • Professional Designs for Poster, Banners, Logos
    • Web Layouts, Flyers, Brochures & Stationery Items
    • Adding effect to Object
  • Photoshop
    • Designing Magazine cover page
    • Newspaper advertisement, Web Layout interface
    • Masking with Bitmap & Vector images
    • Creating special effects
  • Illustrator
    • Creating and editing vector images
    • Use blends, gradients, and patterns
    • Create symbols to place into your work to save time
    • Create layers and mask

Module – III HTM5 – CSS3 with Dreamweaver

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Adding containers, content, and links
  • Styling headings, body text, and footers
  • Styling and repositioning navigation links
  • Adding Images to Mobile Site
  • Adding Videos to Your Mobile Website
  • Geo-Location on Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Forms
  • Using Latest CSS techniques

Module – IV  Flash Based Animation

  • Flash based designing and development
  • Creating animated contents to be integrated in a website,
  • Animated banners and other web components,
  • Creating E-greetings & E-Presentations
  • Creating contents for the E-learning
  • Audio and video using flash

Module – IV Responsive web designing 

  • Linking to CSS files with media queries
  • Setting the viewport scale
  • JavaScript in Mobile Websites
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Dynamic Menus & Dynamic Container
  • JQuery & JavaScript Animated banners
  • Using HTML5 & CSS3 for Responsive Web Design
  • Viewports and Media Queries
  • Mobile Testing Using Emulators

Project Work

  • Development of a Responsive Website